About Dimbulah


Dimbulah is a vibrant rural town in Far North Queensland, approximately 75kms south-west of Cairns, North Queensland.  Dimbulah has a very multicultural community and background with people from Italy, Croatia, Spain, Albania and Philippines as well as the local Djankun and Kuku Djungan indigenous groups.The migrants came to the region to work on the tobacco farms and tobacco was the main industry in the Mareeba – Dimbulah region for many years, but since the end of the tobacco industry in 2005 the farms have mainly turned into  sugar cane farms.There is a  Tableland Mill, constructed in 1997,  to process the sugar cane and it was the first sugar mill constructed in Queensland for 75 years. Many farms surround the small township and these produce; mangoes, limes, lemons, avocado, pumpkin, grapes, cane, grapefruits, pawpaws, lychees, watermelons, cashews, cattle and organic fruit and vegetables; just to name a few.

Although Dimbulah is a small town, there are a range of amenities, facilities and services to suit any person; local or tourist.  Our Community Directory page lists the local stores, services and facilities available, along with address and contact details.

Dimbulah prides itself on the rich atmosphere that the Dimbulah Community Centre provides to all patrons, local or tourist.  The home page provides more information into the Community Centre, while the events page lists new and upcoming events to our local town.

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