Dimbulah Community Centre


  • Mission Statement

To assist and support all community members in the Dimbulah and surrounding region through the provision of flexible programs, activities and services that focus on the wellbeing of each individual.

  • Vision

 That all individuals in the Dimbulah and surrounding region have the opportunity to enjoy an inclusive and healthy lifestyle.

The Dimbulah Community Centre (DCC) is a non-for-profit company set up in 2005 – through funding from the Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services – to assist community members in the Dimbulah and surrounding region.

The DCC is situated in Dimbulah, 45 kilometres west of Mareeba, in Far North Queensland. The Dimbulah region extends westward from Mareeba to the towns of Mutchilba, Almaden, Petford and Chillagoe.

The population of the Dimbulah township is 500, but with the inclusion of the surrounding farming area the total population serviced by the Centre is 1,410.

When the DCC opened in 2005, the region was in decline due to the closure of the tobacco industry. Since then, the Centre has been recognised by the community for the vital role it has played in the Dimbulah/Mutchilba region during a time of social upheaval for migrant families on farms coping with the dramatic changes in their lives.

The Centre has provided opportunities for people to increase skills and seek professional services, and has created an environment for all community members to enjoy an inclusive and healthy lifestyle.

Since its inception in 2005, Grace Armenti the Centre’s Coordinator, and now Manager, has provided many and varied services to the community and the Centre has become the hub for the town. The community has rallied since the end of the tobacco industry and achieved a turn around. For example, through community determination, support and money raising the Dimbulah Community Bank was created to replace the previous and only bank which had closed down.

The Dimbulah Community Centre shares the building with the Dimbulah Community Kindergarten and Limited Hours Hours Child Care. As such, the Centre is currently funded through the Department of Education and Training, Early Childhood Education and Care.